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Learn how a change in your diet and habits can transform your life. The Body and Soul Detox course is released for free to show you practical tips on how you can achieve unique results in wellness and a healthier life. The course is follow by the launch of the book of the same title, which goes deeper in this theme, and brings even more tips and recipes for this transformation.

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Program content

Body and Soul Detox
  • Opening
  • Coconut oil
  • Intestine and Probiotics
  • Calories
  • Detox
  • Sweetener and sugar
  • Myths and Phobias
  • Slow-carb x Low-carb
  • Mindfulness with Isabela Lobo
  • Chakras with Camila Pazini
  • Changing habits with Bruna Fioreti
  • The Power of Thoughts with Bruna Fioreti
  • Closing

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